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Chandra M. Quaye, Esq.

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Comprehensive solutions to meet your settlement needs.

Contract Review

Avoid closing delays and misunderstandings caused by contract errors. We'll review your contract and alert you early of any advised changes.

Title Search

Can the Seller deliver good title? We use trained experts to search public records going back decades to find any liens, judgments, or other title issues that might interfere with your transaction.

Title Examination

Make sure you are protected. Our attorney carefully examines the title report for any red flags.  If all is well, we provide an attorney letter that allows you to get title insurance to protect your investment.

Document Preparation

Wondering what documents need to be signed? We work with lenders to prepare all of the right documents for a smooth settlement.

Settlement Day

Our attorney supervises the signing of documents to put you at ease. We ensure that every item necessary to complete the transaction is complete and correct.

Mobile Notary

Can't make it to our office to sign?  We can send a mobile notary to you, even in another state.  For military personnel and others overseas, we can set up a power of attorney to make signing easy.

Fast Disbursements

Where does all the money go?  We handle disbursement of funds to all necessary parties.  It's not just the seller.  There are commissions, taxes, insurance fees, warranties, etc., etc.  Relax.  We take care of if all.

Transaction Accounting

Experience the peace-of-mind our expertise provides. We compile a detailed report of every penny disbursed for your transaction.  You will also get 24/7 access to your records when you select our archive option.

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We're Prompt Communicators

When it comes to getting the job done, we don't delay. Got a question or need some help? We're happy to help! Our team responds to phone calls and emails quickly, keeping both you informed.

Real Estate Transactions are Our Speciality

Our team thoroughly understands the processes to close a real estate transaction. We'll keep you compliant and prevent legal headaches that could potentially prove financially devastating.

We Understand the Needs of Modern Buyers

Our Firm Uses the Latest Technology

We deploy sophisticated technological tools to streamline real estate settlements. From start to finish, we use 21st-century resources to keep transactions on schedule.

Our Customer Service is Unbeatable

Tired of feeling like nothing more than a number in the crowd? We're committed to providing the best customer service possible for our customers. Our team is always ready to answer your questions and works diligently to get you results.

We Prioritize Transparency and Integrity

Don't find yourself dodging hidden fees.  We're open and honest with our customers and treat you like a business partner.

We've Built Relationships with Trusted Vendors

Certain jobs require a professional, which is why we've established relationships with trustworthy partners. For every aspect of a real estate transaction, we know just who to call.

You Can Count on Our Experience

Tired of working with amateurs who make big promises but seriously underdeliver? Turn to a seasoned expert for your real estate settlement needs. Our work speaks for itself.

The North Carolina's Real Estate Settlement Experts

We know the area. We know real estate settlements.

When it comes to choosing the right real estate settlement firm in the Fayetteville, Raleigh, Durham or any NC County, you're not simply looking for the cheapest player. If you are a broker referring clients, then you're choosing a firm that will represent your clients' best interests, protect your reputation, and most importantly, ensure a smooth transaction so you get paid. Don't be tempted by the first offer you hear—instead, choose a real estate settlement team that understands how your business works.

At Quaye Law Firm, we work diligently to provide the best real estate settlement services in North Carolina. We not only work with new home buyers, but we understand the needs of sophisticated real estate investors, too.  Our founding attorney is a professional real estate investor owning a portfolio of rental properties and managing a constant flow of rehab projects. Whether you're concerned about buying for first home, getting future referrals, or seeking an attorney to help your home buying business for the long term, we're ready to help.

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